Much like wedding invitations, vows and cake, your ring bearer and flower girl are integral parts of your nuptials. Your adorable ring bearer supplies the bling, while your equally-as-cute flower girl uses blooms to set the scene for your grand entrance down the aisle. Traditionally, the ring bearer carries a box, while the flower girl carries a basket of flowers. However, these aren’t the only options. Here are a few unique alternatives for your ring bearer and flower girl:

For the ring bearer

Ball: If you and your future spouse are sports fans, consider using an item from your favorite event. For instance, the ring can be tied around a baseball, tennis ball, football or basketball with some satin ribbon.

Decorative bowl: Use a porcelain bowl to store the rings, and have the bowl engraved with your names and wedding date. You can also choose a romantic phrase to include on the bottom of the bowl, like “With this ring.”

A book: If you and your other half share a love for literature, hollow out the inside of a book for a unique place to store the rings. If you would rather not cut into the book, you can choose a favorite book and tie some twine around it with your rings attached.

A slab of wood: Having a rustic wedding? Then give your ring bearer a slab of wood engraved with your names and wedding date. Tie some ribbon around the wood with your bling.

For the flower girl

A sign: Give your flower girl a sign to carry with her down the aisle. The sign could be simple and read something like “Here comes the bride” or it could be a funny phrase like “last chance to run!” Either way, signs are a great way to make your entrance even more dramatic. Personally, I love this heart-shaped “Here comes the bride” chalkboard sign from Invitations by Dawn!


Lantern: Having a night wedding? If so, have your flower girl light the way by carrying a lantern with her down the aisle. You can even fill the lantern with sand or gemstones.

A love note: Fold up a secret message to your groom and give it to your flower girl to deliver.

A balloon: This works for even the youngest of flower girls. A balloon can be tied to her wrist or she can carry one to add a pop of color to your aisle.

Will you be using any of these alternatives on your wedding day? Share your thoughts with us!