Baby’s breath is a simple flower with such a delicate and feminine nature. The bloom can be paired with other flowers for a dramatic display, but looks just as beautiful standing on its own. If you love this bud as much as I do, I’ve got more than a few ways that you can incorporate the bloom into your nuptials:


1. Hang them
Need a way to decorate your reception tables? Consider hanging bunches of baby’s breath, much like you would paper lanterns or a sparkling chandelier. The blooms will look like decorative clouds dancing above your tables.

2. Line your aisle
Hang arrangements of baby’s breath and on the chairs lining your aisle. You can also choose to put baby’s breath in decorative vases and place them on the floor for a beautiful way to guide you down the aisle.

3. Top off your cake
If you’re looking for unique wedding cake toppers, turn to flowers – more specifically, baby’s breath. No matter the color or style of your cake, baby’s breath is likely to perfectly enhance it. Place a few sprigs of the flower on each tier, or use a bold arrangement of baby’s breath on the top of your confection.

4. Put some in your hair
Baby’s breath can offer the perfect finishing touch to your bridal hairstyle. Intertwine the flower with boho braids, or use the blooms as a crown. You can also tie the flowers into a beautiful up-do, much like you would with a barrette or headband.

5. Turn them into a wreath
Wedding wreaths can be hung on the doors of your venue or used as a simple backdrop when you and your fiance exchange vows. Use baby’s breath to create a heart-shaped wreath to enhance your decor.

Photo Credit: Mi Amore Foto via Emmaline Bride