If there’s one thing you’ll want to have at your wedding reception, it’s a guest book! This is a great way to receive well wishes from your loved ones and can help you remember exactly who attended your nuptials. Guest books, however, can take a number of different forms. I’ve got a few out-of-the-box wedding guest book ideas for you to consider:

A globe
If you and your other half love to travel, replace the traditional guest book with a globe! Set out a few markers and ask your guests to circle places where they recommend you both travel to. Encourage them to write their well wishes and any advice as well. This globe will be a beautiful statement piece for you to take home.


Instead of having your guests sign a book, how about having them leave their meaningful words on a quilt? You can hang this up on a wall in your home or use it as a throw blanket in your living room. This way, you’ll be able to read your guests’ words of wisdom whenever you like. You can even offer patches of material for your loved ones to sign, and then assemble the quilt after the wedding.

If you and your other half love to entertain and plan on hosting lots of dinner parties as newlyweds, a guest book platter is a perfect option. Choose a platter with your monogram in the middle, and let your loved ones write all over it. You can use this platter to celebrate anniversaries for years to come!

Wine bottles
Set out a few different wine bottles at your wedding reception that your guests can sign. Label one bottle “1 year,” another “5 years” and the third “10 years.” You can open up each bottle on the specified anniversary, read all of the special words from your loved ones and cheers to your wonderful marriage.

You can never go wrong with a traditional wedding guest book. Each of your family and friends can offer you their well wishes and advice for the blissful years to come. After your nuptials have come to an end, you can take this guest book home and display it on your coffee table for a perfect conversation starter when you have guests over.

What guest book are you going to use for your big day? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo Credit: Kelly Benton via Ruffled