There is bound to be a slew of impressive dance moves at your wedding reception, but dancing isn’t the only activity you can offer your guests. Other activities can help break the ice between guests who don’t know one another and will help spark up conversations to get the party started. Here are a few fun wedding reception activities that will make your nuptials even more memorable:


Table booklets
This activity will be fun for both you and your guests. Place a booklet on every reception table – each booklet will have a different question printed on the cover. The questions can range from “What should we do on date nights?” to “What should we name our first child?” and “What’s your best marriage advice?” Throw a few colorful pens on the table and guests can go to town filling out the booklets with creative, thoughtful and no doubt funny answers. You and your spouse can go through them later and enjoy everyone’s insight.

Board games
If you and your spouse love board games, why not offer a few at your wedding? Put a different game at each reception table and encourage your guests to swap throughout the night. Consider favorites like Cranium, Scattergories, Jenga, Pickup Sticks and more.

If you’re hosting an outdoor reception, you might want to think about having a bonfire to light up the night and help everyone stay warm. You can all gather around the fire sharing stories about the newlyweds. Have s’more ingredients on┬áhand for the perfect late-night wedding snack that everyone will love.

Scent station
This trend has been making an appearance at bridal showers, but many couples are choosing to have scent stations at their big day as well. Each guest can create their very own fragrance to take home with them as a favor.

Lawn games
From badminton to volleyball, croquet and beanbag toss, there are a number of lawn games out there to keep your guests entertained throughout the event. The beanbag game can even be personalized to fit your wedding theme. Decorate the boards or use beanbags that match your wedding color palette.

Flip cup
Travel back in time to your college days by having a friendly competition of flip cup at your wedding reception. Pair the women up against the men, or have your guests create teams of their own. The cups can be filled with beer for the adults and juice, soda or water for the younger wedding guests. The first team to flip over their line of cups wins!

What activities are you planning on having at your wedding reception? Share your thoughts with us!