If there’s any time in your life that you should have a personal assistant, it’s your wedding day. This is why many brides are choosing to have a personal attendant help them out on the day of their nuptials. Of course, the bridal party will help out on the wedding day, assisting with any tasks to ensure the day goes smoothly. It’s easy to confuse the maid of honor with the personal attendant, but there is a significant difference between the two.

Maid of honor vs. personal attendant
A maid of honor doesn’t just help out on the day of the wedding, she plans everything from the engagement party to the bachelorette party and the wedding shower. She also assists the bride out with any other wedding planning tasks, like picking out the wedding invitations, choosing which table linens to go with, or figuring out which dress to wear down the aisle. A personal attendant, however, is similar to a wedding coordinator. Instead of helping out before the nuptials, a personal attendant arrives early on the day of the wedding and makes sure everything is perfect, from the venue to the decorations.


Roles of the personal attendant
If you’re choosing to have a personal attendant help you out on your wedding day, here are a few of their assigned duties:

Checks on the venues and vendors: The personal attendant will have a checklist of all of the vendors and their contact information. This way, if the cake hasn’t been delivered or if any of the decorations are out of place, this person can make the right calls to fix any potential issues.

Puts together an emergency kit: It’s important to have an emergency kit on the day of your wedding. The personal attendant can help you put it together and will hold onto it during your nuptials. The kit should contain everything from aspirin and safety pins to deodorant, perfume, breath mints and lipstick.

Holds up the dress: Whether you have to go to the bathroom or walk around outside, your personal attendant will be there to hold up your dress and make sure it doesn’t get dirty.

Delivers letters: If you and your spouse-to-be have written letters to each other to be read before the ceremony, your personal attendant will be sure they get delivered.

Cleans up: After your celebration has come to a close, the personal attendant will be the one to securely store any rented items and will collect leftover cake, flowers and other decor.

Will you be having a personal attendant helping you sort out the details on your wedding day? Share your thoughts with us!