With spring and summer come lots of fresh color ideas for your big day! Consider bringing two ultra-popular and subtle shades together to create a stunning combination that's perfect for a warm-weather wedding. I've got a few unique ideas of how to blend these two hues for a romantic and effortlessly beautiful look:

Mint wedding invitations
Introduce your beautiful color palette using this White Flourishes Invitation. Mint green and white swirls fill your stationery with intricate detail. A photo of you and your fiance is featured in the middle of the tri-fold invitation. Incorporate pink into your wedding invitations using a brightly colored envelope or wrapping pink satin ribbon around the stationery.

Bright bridesmaids
The idea that all of your bridesmaids have to dress alike is no longer the norm in the wedding industry. Brides are letting their girls express their personality using differently styled and colored gowns. This is the perfect opportunity to put your wedding palette on display. Some of the women can rock pink dresses, while the other half can opt for a mint green number. Stick with nude-colored shoes to coordinate everyone's look.

Tiered confection
Dress up your sweet dessert with layers of mint green fondant or buttercream. Throw in accents of pale pink by topping the treat with a few single peonies. It's such a simple statement, but creates a cake that is just as fun to look at as it is to eat.

You can implement mint and pink virtually anywhere throughout your nuptials, and I mean anywhere! Even your cocktails can be on-theme. Consider spiked and non-alcoholic pink lemonade garnished with a few mint leaves. Serve up the drinks in rustic mason jars or tall and sleek glasses for a more formal affair.

How would you combine these two summer hues? Share your thoughts with us!