Looking for a way to personalize your wedding day? Your cake topper is a super easy way to help the character of you and your spouse shine through. Although you can, you don’t have to stick with the traditional bride-and-groom figurines as your cake topper. Anyone remember in “Sweet Home Alabama” where the newlyweds used two Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots on their confection? Here are a few other unique wedding cake toppers for your treat:

Let your personality shine through with a unique cake topper.

Are you and your spouse-to-be carefree at heart? Or do you love to craft? If so, a pinwheel cake topper may be just perfect for your nuptials. You can place one large pinwheel on top, or opt for a whole bunch of colorful pinwheels for a full, dramatic arrangement. Spray the pinwheels in gold paint for a modern affair, or keep them bright and colorful for a beachy destination wedding.

Sparklers are the ultimate way to draw attention to your tiered confection (especially if you’re ringing in the New Year by tying the knot or having your wedding on Independence Day). Keep in mind that the sparklers obviously can’t stay lit throughout the entire reception, but it sure will make for amazing pictures during the cake-cutting ceremony!

Scrabble letters
Whether you and your other half love to play board games or you both have a passion for books, placing Scrabble letters atop your cake is an adorable option. You can spell out virtually anything you would like with these game pieces, like “Just married,” “Mr. and Mrs.,” “Love” or your new last name! Scrabble letters are perfect for a rustic wedding because of their natural wood background and simple beauty.

Have your cake take a walk down memory lane by placing a few photos at the top. It could be a recent picture of you and your new spouse, or it could be a photo from your childhood.

Celebrate your new initials by placing them atop your sweet treat! Spell it out using pearls for a glamorous way to display your monogram, adorn it in glitter or choose a bright hue to help it stand out against your cake. Surround your monogram with anything from flowers to greenery to fresh fruit.

How are you planning on topping your wedding cake? Share your thoughts with us!