Flowers and spring go handĀ inĀ hand, and blooms sprouting out of the ground are a sure sign that warmer weather is headed your way. Flowers on stationery, however, may indicate that there are nuptials in the near future! If you’re planning for a spring wedding, consider any of these beautiful floral wedding invitations:

Invitations by Dawn's Top 10 Floral Wedding Invitations

1. Antique Floral
Combine rustic charm and beautiful spring flowers with this gorgeous stationery. An antique floral pattern dresses up the outside of the invite, and when your guests open it, they’ll see your wording embossed on top of a golden background adorned with more flowers.

2. Flower Frame – Seal and Send
This whimsical invite uses groupings of pink and purple blooms as a natural border surrounding your wording. The flowers are big on color and bring the fresh hues of spring to life right on the stationery.

3. It Takes Two
A few flowers peek out of the corners of your invitation, much like the first buds of the season growing out of the soil. Your wording matches the hue of the flowers for a coordinated look.

4. Floral Garland – Letterpress
Everything about this invitation screams elegance. Bright flowers dance across your invitation, drawing the eye down to your wording. Everything is printed on 100-percent cotton paper so that the stationery feels as luxurious as it looks.

5. Lace Love – Navy Pocket
If you share a love for lace and flowers, you’re in luck – this invitation combines both elements to create a colorful, rustic look. Your wording appears as if it’s printed on actual wood for the perfect romantic touch.

6. Watercolor Roses
Have a passion for the arts? This invitation features beautiful watercolor flowers for stationery that looks like a painting. The soft and delicate roses match perfectly with the spring season.

7. Abundant Beauty – Laser Cut
You don’t need an invitation with lots of color in order to evoke a springtime feel. This stationery is big on detail, with intricate laser-cut flowers that can be opened to reveal your wording delicately printed atop shimmering paper.

8. Tree Blossoms – Real Wood
A romantic weeping willow crawls up the side of this stationery. Cherry blossoms are scattered across the invite to provide just the perfect accent of color to brighten up the design. Everything is printed on a background that features the natural characteristics of wood.

9. Perfect Posies – Seal and Send
Having country-themed nuptials during spring? This invitation uses rustic elements, like arrangements of bright flowers, a neutral background and vintage wording to create stationery that is full of personality and sophistication.

10. Country Sunflowers – Corabell
This invitation is a Southern belle’s dream. It’s complete with a bright coral hue, vibrant yellow sunflowers and a simple charming white border.

Which floral wedding invitation is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us!