There is something so simple, charming and beautiful about a rustic barn wedding. Just ask “Friday Night Lights” star Zach Gilford. He and his bride Kiele Sanchez tied the knot last December in beautiful Napa, California, at a winery. They followed up their ceremony with a perfect reception located in an old barn. This star-studded wedding is proof that nuptials don’t have to be expensive and over the top in order to be stunningly gorgeous. If you and your fiance are looking for the same type of simple aesthetic on your big day, follow these tips for the perfect barn wedding:


Set the tone
Set the tone for your rustic nuptials with barn wedding invitations. Choose colors and a design that is just as understated and pretty as your big day. This Sweet Barn – Ecru – Featherpress Invitation is printed on 100-percent cotton paper for a luxurious feel. The picture, however, speaks to a country aesthetic, with an adorable pink barn printed on the top. Wisps of wheat dance across the top and bottom of your invitation for the perfect amount of detail.

Add glamour
Just because your wedding ceremony and reception is simple and subdued doesn’t mean you can’t mix in a few glamorous elements here and there. Consider hanging white silk or tulle curtains at the entrance of your barn. The color will pop against the shed, and set up a luxurious ambiance for your grand walk down the aisle. Another great way to amp up the glam factor at your barn wedding is with a few sparkling chandeliers hung above the reception tables.

Consider unique glassware
Champagne flutes are perfect for toasting with bubbly, but be sure to also include glassware that speaks to your rustic theme. Nothing is more perfect for a country affair than mason jars. You can even personalize them by putting in fun-colored striped straws or pennants with each guests’ name on them.

Offer an alternative to glass clinking
Traditionally, when your guests want you and your new spouse to smooch, they clink their glasses with their silverware. But for a country wedding, how about switching it up a bit? Instead, hang an old rusty cowbell with “Ring for a kiss” written across the bell in big white letters. The sound that comes from the cowbell will be much more appropriate for a barn wedding than that of clinking glasses.

Use natural elements
Not sure how to decorate your barn wedding? You don’t have to look far for the perfect accessories. Bales of hay are great for putting arrangements of flowers on display, while weathered wood signs can be used to point guests in the direction of the reception or ceremony.

Will you be tying the knot in a charming barn setting? Share your thoughts with us!