There are various professionals out there whose job it is to help you plan your big day down to the very last detail. But there are some professionals that appear to have blurred lines when it comes to their job titles. Wedding planners and venue coordinators are two industry leaders that are often confused. Here’s the difference between the two:

Wedding planner
Wedding planners are like superheroes. They are there to help with anything and everything that you need, especially in moments of crisis. Their sole purpose is to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch and help plan virtually every element of your wedding from beginning to end. This person will also be present on the day of your nuptials from the time the doors open to your ceremony to when you and your new spouse head out to begin your journey together. In other words, if you have a freakout moment on your big day because your flowers haven’t arrived yet or if there’s a huge crease in your reception table cloths, your wedding planner will take care of it all.

Invitations by Dawn explains the differences between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator

Venue coordinator
A venue coordinator, on the other hand, takes you through the location and shows you every last detail of the venue. You likely won’t have to contact this person once you’ve set your wedding date. About a month or two before your wedding, you may be in touch with them again regarding small details. Therefore, this person will be responsible for anything and everything to do with the venue on your wedding day. He or she will make sure that the space looks exactly as you had envisioned it. Venue coordinators usually don’t stick around for the entire wedding, either. They often head out after the main course has been served and leave another person in charge, like an operations manager.

The main difference between a planner and a coordinator is that you will likely keep in touch with your planner throughout the planning process and maintain a deeper relationship with them. But you may not frequently contact your coordinator quite as often, only speaking with them about a month or two before your wedding day.

How to choose
Knowing which option to go with all depends on what you need. If you would like guidance and assistance with every element of your big day, from the wedding invitations and the dress, to the flowers and the table runners, a wedding planner will probably be your best bet.

Budget may weigh into the decision when choosing between a planner and a coordinator as well. A wedding planner is much pricier than a coordinator, because they have more responsibilities. However, many argue that a wedding planner saves you money in the long run because of the values that they are able to get you on everything from flowers to rental tables.

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