You may know the members of your wedding party like the back of your hand, but your guests probably can’t say the same. Give your wedding guests a bit of background on your bridesmaids and groomsmen with any of these fun, yet informative options:

Ideas from Invitations by Dawn on how to introduce your wedding party to your guests

Wedding programs
Traditionally, the happy couple lists the people in their wedding party in the programs. Take this one step further and include pictures and maybe a few fun facts about each person. Then your guests will be able to put a name to each face in your party. Plus, it’s nice to have all of this information down on paper that your guests can reference if they need to throughout the evening.

Wedding website
There’s not enough room on your wedding invitations to fully introduce each person in your wedding party, so instead, take advantage of your website! You can add the web address to your invitations. Dedicate a page of your wedding website to thoroughly introducing each person in your party. You can add as many pictures as you would like, write a description of how you met each member of your party and maybe include a special memory of you and that person.

As each member of your bridal party makes his or her entrance into your reception, you can have the DJ or emcee read a description of this person and how they know the bride or the groom. This is a fun way to introduce everyone because oftentimes, each member does something funny upon entering the reception, like doing their favorite dance move.

Photo display at reception
You can let your guests read up on your wedding party on their own time by erecting a whole photo display at your reception. When they’re not busting a move on the dance floor or stuffing their face with cake, your guests can come on over to the table, look through pictures and read about how each person in the bridal party is connected to the newlyweds. One big trend is to have each member of your wedding party hold up a chalkboard sign detailing how they first met the bride or groom. Some may have met in 7th grade art class, while another friendship may have been formed by sitting next to one another on a plane. It’s fun for your guests to get a little bit of insight into the really important people in your life.

Have you thought about how you’re going to introduce your wedding party to your guests? Share your thoughts with us!