There are a few things that always go down at a wedding reception: dancing, the cutting of the cake and of course, kissing! As newlyweds, you’re not going to be able to get enough of each other, and your guests will certainly be encouraging this behavior. Traditionally, in order to get you and your other half to lock lips, guests would have to gently clink their dinner glasses with their fork. While this is certainly a classic and doable option, there are other wedding kissing games!

Fun ways to get the newlyweds to kiss from Invitations by Dawn.

Ring the bell
With this option, you and your spouse will have to kiss at the sound of wedding bells. You can supply one bell (or a few bells) with a sign underneath that encourages all of your guests to ring it if they would like to see you both kiss. You may even want to match the bell to your wedding theme! For instance, a rustic wedding would pair great with a cowbell.

Sing a tune
If you really want your guests to work for a kiss, this is a fun option to get the party going. Have your guest or guests borrow the microphone and sing a verse or two of a song with the word “kiss” or “love” in it. “Kiss the Girl” from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” would be appropriate for a fairy-tale wedding, while “This Kiss” by Faith Hill would fit in perfectly with a country or rustic affair! Encourage both guests and tables to sing songs, just in case there are some vocally-shy folks out there.

This option calls for you and your other half to get pretty creative with your kisses. You can have your guests request an imitation of a famous kiss from a movie or TV show. And if the guests so choose, they can also imitate the smooch that you and your spouse have to recreate!

Favorite memory
Take a walk down memory lane by asking your guests to share their favorite flashback of you and your spouse. This is a great way to help each of your loved ones feel involved in your big day – plus it brings back so many wonderful (and possibly embarrassing) memories!

Make a donation
Who knew kissing could benefit your favorite charity? Set out a bowl and explain to your guests that if they would like you and your spouse to smooch, they have to make a donation to the jar. The larger the donation, the longer and more dramatic the kiss must be!

Will you and your spouse stick with the traditional clinking of the glasses or opt for something new? Share your thoughts with us!