There’s a whole lot going on during your big day – from pictures and dancing to cocktail hour and cake cutting. This is why a timeline is always helpful. It keeps everyone on track and ensures that your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. Here are a few organization methods that will keep everyone from your guests to your vendors aware of what’s going on:

A spreadsheet
Create a spreadsheet containing information about what is happening and when, as well as where everyone needs to be. Never hesitate to add details. Break down each and every task and who is responsible for what, like who should be handing out wedding programs, who’s in charge of the little flower girl, etc. Even if it seems like obvious information, include it just to be safe. You may even want to create separate sheets that have a timeline for pre- and post-ceremony. You can hand this spreadsheet to your vendors, bridesmaids, groomsmen and close family friends so that everyone is up to speed on everything that’s going on. Plus, this handy sheet eliminates the need for anyone to ask you any questions about the timeline – they can just reference the information on the spreadsheet! But just in case someone does have a question, supply the maid of honor and best man with a contact sheet of all the vendors and family members they can get in touch with so all you have to worry about is getting married.

A chalkboard
Give all of your guests and wedding party members a run-down of the day’s events by jotting everything down on a big chalkboard. This option is perfect for a rustic wedding theme and can easily be changed with the swipe of an eraser should your ceremony run a few minutes late or you need a few more minutes with your photographer.

Keep your guests informed with a wedding timeline.

Old window panes
Another great option for a vintage or rustic wedding are old window panes. Using window paint, you can jot down the timeline for the big day. These panes display your information in a fun and decorative way. Hang the window panes from a tree or display them on a stand at the front of your ceremony or reception.

Printed cards/programs
Wedding programs allow your guests to know what is happening and at what time during your big day, so why not create programs or cards for pre- and post-ceremony as well? Hand them out to your bridal party members so nobody will forget about where they need to be and when.

How do you plan on keeping everyone on track during your wedding day? Share your thoughts with us!