You’ve worded your invitation just so, you’ve purchased the perfect wedding reception accessories but have you thought about lighting? Lighting is essential for setting a romantic mood at your reception. Of course with you and your new spouse in the room, love will already be in the air, but lighting is your best bet for creating a beautiful whimsical ambiance.

Light bulbs
One bulb can be used to light a closet or to screw into a bedside lamp, but when you put a whole bunch together over your reception tables, you can produce a subtle glow with an urban or industrial feel. Hang the bulbs all at different heights to create visual interest. The exposed bulbs provide a modern style and are a super simple way to fill the room with light.

Even if you’re planning on having an ultra modern wedding theme, don’t take chandeliers out of the running quite yet. This lighting option works for rustic nuptials, all the way to contemporary formal affairs. Chandeliers can be glistening with crystals or adorned with flowers and greenery, which would blend perfectly into an outdoor reception to create an enchanted garden-like feel. Place them above the head table to put you and your spouse in the spotlight, or hang a few mini chandeliers over each reception table. Then put groups of candles or lanterns together for a centerpiece to give the space plenty of light without creating harsh shadows.

Unique ways to light up your reception

Paper lanterns are an inexpensive and easy way to produce a magical romantic environment. Hang them all throughout your reception space for the perfect amount of light. You could opt for neutral hues or bring bold splashes of color into your event with brightly colored lanterns. If you would love to use this unique lighting option, but want something more formal than paper, you can rent glass lanterns to hang in your upscale reception venue. Think of them as the classy modern-day version of the disco ball.

Stringed lights
Wrap electrical lights around columns or trees at your reception. This will create a soft inviting radiance throughout your venue. Plus, stringed lights give off a fairytale vibe of which many brides and guests can’t get enough. You could also create a canopy using strings of lights to draw attention to the ceiling. Combine your bulbs with tulle for a delicate, feminine lighting option.

Marquee signs
While marquee signs probably won’t be sufficient as your only source of lighting, they’re perfect for both indoor and outdoor venues. Pick a generic word to have illuminated in lights, like “dream” or “love.” Or you could have your monogram or wedding date light up your reception with neon bulbs.

Have you figured out how you’re going to light your wedding reception yet? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo credit: Gideon Photography