After you and your spouse say “I do,” your guests are going to need something to do before the reception. During this time after the ceremony and before the reception, many newlyweds either take pictures with their bridal party, tend to wedding reception accessories or decorations, do touch ups on their ensembles or simply spend some time alone together. Whatever the reason, any of these fun ideas are sure to keep your guests busy and entertained as they wait:

Ideas to keep your guests entertained between the ceremony and reception.

Provide bus tours of the city
If you and your spouse plan to be away for an extended period of time, what better way to keep your guests occupied than with a fun bus tour of the city? This is especially perfect if you’re tying the knot in a town with which many are unfamiliar. With this tour, they can get to know the town and maybe even acquire some ideas of where to eat or attractions to visit after the wedding.

Set up outdoor games
Encourage a little friendly competition between your guests by setting up a variety of outdoor games. From croquet and bocce ball to horseshoes, volleyball and a beanbag toss, your guests will be endlessly entertained. And when you and your spouse arrive, you both can join in on the fun! You may also want to consider setting up a bonfire pit at your beach or backyard wedding venue to keep everyone warm once the sun goes down and give your guests a place to rest in between games.

Move into cocktail hour
One of the most common options is to have your guests move right into cocktail hour after the ceremony. Everyone can mingle and get to know one another while sipping on tasty drinks and munching on appetizers you and your spouse have specially picked out. You may even want to debut your signature drink during this time.

For a particularly short cocktail hour, drinks and snacks may do. But if you’re planning on being away for more than an hour, provide your guests with additional entertainment. Mad Libs are a simple way to break the ice between guests and give everyone something to laugh about. Plus, you’ll get to read them later! You can also hand out advice cards during cocktail hour so guests can share their very best insight with you on marriage. And why wait until the reception to break out the photo booth? Let guests start snapping away with fun props during cocktail hour.

How do you plan on keeping your guests entertained in between your ceremony and reception? Share your thoughts with us!