Tying the knot in spring gives you endless options for wedding decorations, whether you choose to use fresh greenery or bright flowers. This season also comes with plenty of trendy colors for you to take advantage of and incorporate into your decor, attire and food. I have some spring wedding colors for you to consider for your spring wedding day, and creative ways to use each hue:

Spring Wedding Colors for 2014

Consider blending light and dark purples in your wedding, such as lilac and orchid. You can also use one of Pantone’s top picks for trendy spring wedding colors: violet tulip. You can use this purple hue in a number of ways – your bridesmaids are the perfect way to display a gradient of radiant purples. Each girl can sport a different shade of purple to create a cohesive spring look among the bridesmaids. Feel free to combine purples in your ensemble as well – you can paint your nails a light lavender shade, and rock dark purple heels underneath your gown.

Blush was popular during 2013 and is continuing that streak into 2014. The color is delicately feminine and beautiful. You can even combine blush with cayenne, a coral-like shade from Pantone’s Spring 2014 collection. Pinks and oranges complement one another beautifully and help represent the brightness and beauty that comes along with the spring season. One method of incorporating this color combination is using an ombre wedding cake – this way your treat shows off a variety of hues in one delicious confection.

Metallics like gold can be incorporated into almost any wedding theme during every season – including spring! Combine gold with a fresh spring rosy pink hue. The gold provides sparkle, while the rose color offers the perfect amount of brightness. Set out a rose-colored tablecloth on your reception table along with your wedding napkins and sprinkle gold glitter or confetti on top. You can also paint mason jars rose and dip the bottom of the jar in gold. Fill the jars with a variety of roses.

Blue is a beautiful spring color, but there are so many varieties from which you can choose. How about bringing the color of the sky into your wedding with cerulean? Combine this vibrant shade with a lighter, more understated color such as dusty blue, which almost looks like a combination between blue and gray. Put together both of these blues with other hues like pale pinks, greens and lavenders for a stunning bridal bouquet.

Green is a color that represents nature, making it a perfect choice for spring. Mint is a trendy shade of green to use in your wedding decor. Mix in a few splashes of grayed jade, which will help both hues to stand out. Set out a plate of macarons in shades of green, or have the groomsmen all wear mint green shirts paired with tan suit coats.

Which colors will you be using in your spring wedding?