Hi, I’m Brooke. I’m a marketer with the Invitations by Dawn team and I’m so excited to share something super pretty with you today. Let’s see here- a garden, more specifically an English garden! Is there a more beautiful wedding venue? (I’m having a hard time thinking of one!) Delicate,colorful blossoms surrounding you and your loved ones-talk about romantic. It’s pretty obvious to see why English Garden is my favorite of the 2014 wedding trends.

Here are the wedding invitations I have selected to go along with this beautiful, bloom filled trend:

The Flower and Vines- Letterpress Invitation incorporates letterpress printing on exquisite 100% cotton paper with charming floral filled vines. I can definitely see these vines growing on a garden wall. Can’t you?

The Delicate Creations-Silver-Foil Invitation is one of my favorite floral invitations of all time. The silver foil accents on the invitation add sparkle and shine (which I cannot get enough of!) I also love that a monogram is featured in the corner as well as on the back of the invitation. So sweet!

Lastly, I have chosen the Delicate Roses- Invitation. With your wedding invitation wording framed by these soft roses, your guests will know exactly what to expect from your big day. Flowers (of course) along with pure and utter romance!

What do you think of my favorite wedding trend of 2014? Share your thoughts!

English Garden wedding invitations from Invitations by Dawn