2014 is in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited about the wedding trends that are front-runners for the year. We are talking about some seriously beautiful (and extremely versatile) trends that can be incorporated in your wedding in a variety of ways. From your invitations to your reception decorations, these trends will definitely help add a pop of personality to your big day.

Each member of our team has a favorite 2014 wedding trend. (Confession: it was actually really hard for us to pick just one. They are all so great!) Alas, we have all chosen a favorite and some wedding invitations that coordinate perfectly with our most favorite trend.

Get ready for the Invitations by Dawn team to show off our favorites!

Our Favorite 2014 Wedding Trends

2 thoughts on “Our Favorite 2014 Wedding Trends

  1. Im getting married in Hawaii but im haveing the reception when we get back in a week from Hawaii. Im getting married on October 10 2014 . But the reception on October 18 2014 so im looking for starfish,seashells. I need about 150 of them and Thank you cards too. Invitation too. Could u tell me how much they would be?

    Annemarie & Scott

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