Saying thank you to your guests is a must after you tie the knot. You may have given them a delicious dinner, cake and a super fun reception, but they did take time out of their schedule to come support you and your spouse on one of the most important days of your lives. When you do say thank you, how about doing so with a photo? Many newlyweds choose to hold up a sign that reads “Thank you,” which is then posted on a card and sent out to all of their guests. I’ve got a few more ideas that can help liven up your photo thank you cards:

Ideas for Photo Thank You Cards from Invitations by Dawn

Use props
A sign reading “thank you” will certainly do, but if you want to really get creative, you can get the message across with a prop. Write the message in a book that you and your spouse can hold up to the camera, use Scrabble letters to spell it out, write the message on an umbrella or opt for something simple, like a sticky note! One of my favorite ideas, however, is spelling it out with sparklers. While they’re lit, you move your arms to spell out “thank you” with the sparklers. It creates a bright, sparkling message. Talk to your photographer about this method – it’s super easy and produces a whimsical thank-you message! No matter how you say it, your guests will appreciate the gesture.

While you’re carrying the thank-you sign, you and your spouse could be smiling, holding hands, kissing or staring romantically into one another’s eyes.

Include your bridal party
Have your groomsmen and bridesmaids help you spell out the message to your guests. Each of you can hold a different letter until the entire ‘thank you’ is written out. Get creative with the poses – you could opt for a traditional smiling picture or have all of you jumping into the air at once with a delighted expression.

Consider your wedding theme
If you’re stumped as to how to say thank you, look back on your wedding theme. For example, if you’re having a beachy destination wedding, you can use pretty shells to spell out “thank you” in the sand. You could also use tropical flowers or simply write out the message on the beach! For a more rustic affair, how about carving the greeting into a tree or a weathered piece of drift wood? You could also consider using a chalkboard, which is perfect for an outdoor rustic wedding!

How are you planning on saying thank you to your wedding guests? Share your thoughts with us!