Hi everyone! I’m Katie and I’m a marketer for the Invitations by Dawn team. Last week, Sarah showed you her favorite 2014 wedding trend-mason jar. While I really, really enjoy the fact that mason jars are everywhere, I prefer the look of burlap and lace. These two textures compliment each other so well. The designer in me can’t get enough of it! And let’s talk about what this look brings to a rustic wedding: one part country + one part romance= a total swoon worthy affair!

Here are the invitations I have selected for this trend:

The Lace Finish- Invitation is the perfect example of why a burlap and lace pairing works so well. Delicate lace over durable burlap- it’s rustic, it’s beautiful, it’s juxtaposition at it’s finest!

The Painted Burlap- Invitation provides the best of both worlds- gorgeous burlap and lace along with a picture of your and your sweets. And those chevron hearts. It’s almost too cute to handle!

Looking for a rustic wedding invitation with a little sparkle and shine? The Luminous Lace- Real Glitter Invitation is everything you could want…and more! Colored lace layered with iridescent glitter sparkles against a burlap background- talk about charming!

Thoughts on this 2014 wedding trend? We’d love you hear from you!

Burlap and Lace wedding invitations from Invitations by Dawn