Art Deco has recently taken off, thanks in large part to the remake of The Great Gatsby film and I couldn’t be more pleased. I have always been intrigued with this eclectic style and am happy to see it making such a strong comeback. With it’s rich colors, funky geometric shapes, and lavish embellishments- it’s easy to see why Art Deco is my favorite of the 2014 wedding trends!

These are the invitations I think would work splendidly for any Art Deco wedding:

The Art Deco Frame- Letterpress Invitation is absolutely gorgeous! The patterned letterpress background, the bold frame surrounding your event details- I adore everything about this invitation!

The Art Deco Arch- Ecru – 3 for 1 Invitation transports you directly to the roaring 20s. The arch is a reflection of the period’s architecture. The ability to choose a print color makes it a reflection of you.

Extravagance- Black- Invitation– the name says it all. This invitation captures the extravagance of a more glamorous era. With three beautiful color options, you are sure to find a compliment for your wedding.

Well, that’s it- the last of our favorite 2014 wedding trends! Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts!

Art Deco wedding invitations from Invitations by Dawn