Everyone can have a different idea of what a fairy tale wedding is. But no matter what dress you wear or how big your carriage is, as long as you end up with the love of your life, you did pretty well for yourself. Plus, it’s fun to feel like a princess for a day! I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve for your enchanting and romantic fairy tale wedding:

Fairy Tale Wedding invitations
You may not be able to send out servants with a scroll to invite each guest to your nuptials, but you can get fairly close to that with this Fairy Tale Love Invitation. A bouquet of beautiful flowers sits atop the stationery, and a beautiful romantic verse is written below: “Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

Crown of flowers
In Disney’s “Tangled,” Rapunzel weaves flowers into her golden locks when she’s watching the glowing lanterns take flight. You can easily do the same with your hair – wear a crown of flowers atop your tresses or weave blooms into a beautiful Boho braid. And if you want locks as long as Rapunzel’s, there’s always hair extensions!

Fairy Tale Wedding Inspiration from Invitations by Dawn

A ring box
You may not be able to turn a pumpkin into a beautiful carriage, but you can have your ring carried down the aisle in a fancy gold carriage using this Fairy Tale Carriage Ring Box. This gold box is ornately decorated and the black velvet cushion inside ensures that your ring will be safe and sound until it lands delicately on your finger.

Gold accents
Coordinate your gold ring box with sparkly gold shoes. Each bride has their own version of Cinderella’s glass slipper – some find it in vibrant gold flats, others like shining metallic pumps.

As for your dinnerware, you can opt for golden silverware. Accent forks, knives and spoons with metallic plates and rose-gold wine glasses. As for your centerpieces, look for blooms that complement gold, such as peaches and purples.

A dramatic exit
After the cake has been cut and the clock is close to striking 12:00, many newlyweds exit their wedding in a limousine or a fancy car of some sort. But if you really want to feel like Cinderella, you and your spouse can ride off into the sunset on two white horses (just make sure you practice beforehand). Another option would be to ride off on a horse-drawn carriage, which may be a bit easier.

Tell us about your fairy tale wedding! We would love to hear your thoughts!