We’ve said it before: we LOVE the paper garlands that brides (and mothers of brides, best friends, fiancé, neighbors, co-workers and any other poor suckers that have been recruited to craft) are creating to spruce up their wedding day. Hang them from pew to pew, string them from the ceiling behind the alter or jazz up your reception space with a pop of color. Last month, we created a pretty Paper Heart Garland which is perfect for a romantic or vintage wedding. Do you want to do something similar but aren’t digging the lovey-dovey theme? Then try this easy Paper Circle Garland! You can whip up yards and yards of this baby in a snap.

What you’ll need –

  1. Scrapbook Paper; we used a modern meets vintage paper pack from our local craft store and mixed in solid kraft + colors and glitter stock.
  2. Round paper punch; we used two different sizes. You can get these at a craft store for under $10
  3. Sewing Machine & Thread
  4. Scissors

Invitations by Dawn has a DIY garland tutorial easy enough for any bride-to-be!

Instructions –

Step 1: Gather your pretty paper and circle punches

Step 2: Punch. Punch. Punch. Punch several sheets at once to speed up this process.

Step 3: Sandwich 2 circles together and get ready to sew. No gluing them together; just a simple straight stitch will do! We used white thread, but colored thread would be pretty too.

Step 4: Simply run a stitch through your paper circles.

*Tip 1: Before sewing your first circle sandwich, pull at least 6 inches of thread out so you’ll have room for a knot at the top of your garland.

*Tip 2: The amount of space you leave between circles is totally up to you; they don’t have to be perfectly spaced out either.

Step 5: Sew to your desired length and trim off your thread.

Step 6: Admire how pretty your circle garland turned out!

That’s it. Simple. Trust us, anyone can do this. And by simply choosing different papers, you can totally change the look of it. Image it in gold glitter and matte black paper for an elegant wedding theme or autumn hues to match your fall wedding theme. We hope you love it! Happy crafting!