Remember all that time you spent figuring out the seating chart for your wedding reception? Well, place card holders are important for directing guests so that they sit where they’re supposed to. You can really get creative with the place card holder. They can speak to the theme of your nuptials and add to your wedding decorations. Here are a few wedding place card holders that you can either purchase or make yourself:

Western boot
If you’re a country girl at heart and are having a Southern wedding, what better way to represent that side of yourself than with cowboy boots? This Western Boot Place Card Holder Set is absolutely adorable. It’s such a fun way for your guests to retrieve their cards and find their seats at your reception. Each boot is intricately designed, giving your wedding the country feel for which you’re looking.

Birch tree
Having rustic nuptials? This theme commonly uses elements from nature for a simple and elegant style. These Birch Tree Place Card Holders are made to look like they were taken from real birch trees. Each holder is beautifully painted and carved to look like real bark. Your place cards sit in a small slit and the word “love” is boldly etched into the holder in black lettering.

Creative ideas for your place card holders

Wine cork
If you and your fiance are big wine drinkers, chances are you have a few spare corks lying around. These corks can be used for much more than topping off your wine bottles – in fact, you can transform them into the perfect place card holders for your wedding. Corks can work for a variety of wedding themes from vintage to formal. This is a simple do it yourself project that you can complete over a weekend. All you have to do is slice off a small piece of one side of the cork so it lays flat. Then make a slit using an X-acto knife, letting the card slide right in.

Pine cone
Pine cones can work as great place card holders for outdoor nuptials as well as a winter- or holiday-themed wedding. Leave the pine cones bare for a rustic outdoor event, and spray paint them silver or gold for a Christmas or New Year’s wedding. Secure the place card at the top of the pine cone using either gold or silver wire. Wrap the wire around the tip of the pine cone and twist the end into a curl-like shape. Then you can easily slide your card in.

Forks aren’t just for eating dinner (as Ariel knows). You can bend forks in so many creative ways and the prongs make it easy to hold your cards.

Which place card holder is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us!