If you and your guests are going to be dancing the night away, you’re all going to need something to replenish your energy levels. That way, you can re-energize and head back to the dance floor, ready to tackle the next song. In addition to your wedding meal, consider handing out a late-night snack that everyone can enjoy.

There are a few ways to go about choosing the treats to hand out during your wedding reception – the snack could be a continuation of your meal. For instance, if you had a taco bar for dinner, you could keep the theme going with bite-sized churros or cheesy quesadillas. However, your midnight snack doesn’t have to reflect your wedding meal. It could simply be a food that you and your spouse particularly enjoy. If you need some inspiration, I’ve got you covered. Fill everyone’s grumbling stomach with any of these tasty late-night snacks that are sure to please:

Best late night snacks for the wedding reception

Funnel cake
Bring everyone back to their childhood with sweet funnel cakes topped with powdered sugar. This irresistible treat is the perfect way to cure everyone’s sweet tooth.

Popsicles/ice cream bars
Popsicles and ice cream on a stick can easily be carried onto the dance floor and around the wedding reception. Plus, you can personalize the wooden sticks with the your initials. Offer a variety of different colored popsicles and an array of ice cream bars, like fudgesicles. This sweet option would be great for an outdoor summer wedding theme as a way to cool off your guests and give them the energy they need to keep dancing and celebrating.

Freshly baked pretzels
Give your guests a combination of salt and sugar with freshly baked pretzels. Your loved ones can eat them plain or dress them up with toppings like chocolate drizzle, sprinkles or caramel sauce.

An entire burger would likely make everyone too full – instead, offer tiny hamburger sliders which will cure everyone’s grumbling stomach and entice their taste buds. Pair your tiny sliders with a small cone of fries. This is a quick, easy and delicious meal for everyone. You can even offer a vegetarian option with veggie burgers!

Pizza is one of the most popular go-to late-night snacks. Plus, there are so many varieties that will make it easy to please all of your guests, from the vegetarians to the meat lovers. For a Chicago wedding, offer slices of deep dish. If you like more New York-style pizza, choose a thin crust, which is just as flavorful and delicious. Or, offer both!

Do you know what you’ll be serving as a late-night snack at your reception? Share your thoughts with us!