Before you head down the aisle toward your spouse, there’s one little man who has to make his grand entrance: the ring bearer. This tradition was believed to have started during the Medieval era, when a young servant would assist the bride down the aisle by holding her train. The actual ring was then carried in on the tip of a sword (which I certainly wouldn’t trust to a six year old). As time passed, wealthy families started using the pillow to carry the rings because the pillows symbolized money and wealth. However, the role of the ring bearer has changed over the years. Instead of a ring bearer pillow, here are a few alternatives he can carry:

Ring bearers have recently swapped their pillows for a sign. These signs often deliver a message to the groom before the bride makes her entrance. For instance, this Rustic “Here Comes the Bride” Sign can easily be carried by a little one and is an adorable way to make the bride’s big reveal even more grand. Other signs can read “Here comes your girl,” or something comical like “This is your last chance to run!”

Ring Bearer Ideas from Invitations by Dawn

A flower
Give your ring bearer a simple stem to carry down the aisle – but not just any flower. This Rose Ring Box is wrapped in silver and contains a secret satin compartment inside where the ring will comfortably sit.

A book
Grab your favorite fairy tale and cut a small piece out of the inside pages into the shape of a heart where the rings can sit. This is perfect for a number of wedding themes, and gives even more special meaning to the delivery of the rings.

A ball
If both the bride and groom are sports fans, you could consider giving your ring bearer a ball to carry down the aisle. It could be a basketball, baseball, softball or tennis ball – just tie the ring onto it with some twine or ribbon. For a personalized touch, write the initials of you and your spouse onto the ball.

Carriage ring box
You won’t find a more fitting method of transportation for your bling for your fairy tale wedding than this Fairy Tale Carriage Ring Box. It’s wrapped in gold and features plenty of ornate detailing, just like something right out of a fairy tale. The top opens up to reveal a luxurious black velvet cushion on which to set your rings.

What will your ring bearer be carrying down the aisle? Share your thoughts with us!