Color and design are two huge factors when picking out your wedding invitations, but don’t let your typeface slip through the cracks! If you wish to evoke a specific style or theme in your nuptials, you can do so through the wedding invitation fonts you choose. Check out these common wedding motifs and how to channel them through typography:

What your wedding invitation font says about your big day

Quirky wedding invitations call for an out-of-the-box typeface. A combination of something like Slim Tony and Futura Light would be a good option. Both fonts aren’t typically used, but are fun, easy-to-read and packed with personality. This Kinda Quirky Foil Invitation is a great example of how two completely different fonts can blend really well together. Your names stand out in a bold, dramatic text and the rest of your wedding information is listed below in a clean font.

If you’re a classic bride looking to create a traditional wedding, look no further than Solid Antique Roman. The font evokes class, sophistication and elegance, but it’s simple and easy to read. This Truly Inspired Featherpress Invitation is printed on heavyweight textured paper for a glamorous feel, and blends two seemingly opposite fonts that create a timeless look.

Modern typefaces can be described as bold, simple and trendy. Sympathique is just one example of the many beautiful fonts out there for you to choose. This Ribbon Corners Real Wood Invitation highlights the names of the newlyweds using a big daring font. A simple ribbon border completes the invitation’s contemporary style.

If you and your other half are particularly artsy, you can easily display that through your wedding invitations. This Artistic Ampersand All In One Invitation, for example, offers a unique and stylish way to send out your important information. The background creatively combines different shades of gray, and puts a focus on the ampersand for an artistic feel. You can choose to put together fonts such as Handle Old Style and Carolyna to reflect your creative sides.

Which font style are you planning on using on your wedding invitations? Need help pairing fonts? Check out Wedding Fonts 101. Share your thoughts with us!