When planning your wedding, keep one thing in mind: this is your day. Therefore, you don’t have to feel obligated to conform to any traditions. If you want pizza instead of steak on the menu, go for it! Add personal touches to this already special day with any of these ideas:

Ways to make your wedding more 'you'- part 2

Welcome bags for guests
It’s likely that you have a few out-of-town guests that are flying in to help celebrate your big day. Greet these traveling friends or family with their very own welcome bags. Fill the bags with items that adhere to your wedding day and personality. For instance, if you’re getting married in Chicago, you may want to give them a few of your favorite Windy City foods, like Garrett’s popcorn. You could even offer them a souvenir from the city, such as a mug or a keychain. Include things that are special to you and your future spouse – your guest will love the personalized touch!

Favorite food and drink
Steak, fish and a vegetarian dish are traditional options for your wedding menu. But if you’re not a fan of any of those, why include them? Think about what your favorite food is and talk to your caterer about including it. If you love Mexican cuisine, offer your wedding guests a taco bar where they can custom create their very own tacos.

As for the cocktails at your wedding, consider throwing a signature drink on the menu. Become a mixologist for a day and create a beverage that is all your own. The cocktail could reflect your personality, wedding theme or location. For instance, if you’re getting hitched on a beach, your drink can include a variety of citrus flavors and be garnished with a colorful piece of fruit.

Venue and decorations
Your venue can say a lot about your personality. For example, if faith and spirituality is important to you and your future spouse, you can tie the knot in a church or place of worship. But if you both love being outside, you may want to consider a rustic, outdoorsy venue like a barn or a garden.

As for your decorations, tailor them to your personal experiences. For instance, combine floral centerpieces with pictures of you and your spouse. Each table could have a photo from a different destination to which you have traveled. All of your guests will love the sentimentality of the photos. Plus, they’re a great icebreaker for conversations among the table!

Will you use any of these methods for personalizing your nuptials? Share your thoughts with us!