You can never go wrong with traditional save the dates – they will always be a stylish way to get the word out about your big day. But you should also consider using save the date magnets. They give your guests all of the important information on a compact magnet they can then hang on the fridge. This ensures that it won’t get lost amid a pile of mail or a mess of papers. They’re also extremely functional – your guests will love that they have something to hold up important notes or schedules. If you love the idea of save the date magnets as much as I do, here are a few of the top choices:

Top 5 Save the date magnets

1. Big Announcement
This magnet is one of the most stylish ways to spread the news, and it features modern text and a photo of your smiling faces filling up the background. Your loved ones will be delighted that they have a picture of you and your future spouse to post up on their fridge.

2. Stargazing
Stargazing is often associated with romance, so it’s the perfect background for your save the dates. The magnet features a whimsical design alongside a picture of you and your better half. Choose a photo that coordinates well with the color and style you decide on for your save the date magnet.

3. Big Date
The date of your wedding is highlighted at the top of the magnet using bold typography. This is a perfect save the date to use if you’re not quite set on a wedding theme yet. It gives you some wiggle room in creating a motif. This magnet also features a picture of you and your future spouse, so pick a good one to share with all your friends and family! After all, it will be posted up on the fridge for all to see.

4. Filigree Crest
You and your fiance are the stars of this save the date. Your picture fills the background to create a romantic mood. All of the important information about your wedding won’t be missed either – it’s featured in a bright white filigree crest with elegant swirls.

5. Pinstripe Monogram
This modern save the date uses two different typefaces to create a unique stylish look. All of your wedding information is stated on the side, and a picture of you and your significant other fills the rest of the stationery. The borders on this save the date really make it unique, with pinstripes separating the text from your photo.

Which save the date magnet will you be choosing? Share your thoughts with us!