Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air. If you and your future spouse are lucky enough to be tying the knot on this romantic holiday, you’ll want wedding invitations that appropriately match that whimsical, dreamy theme. And what better way to do that than with a heart? This simple shape represents everything from love and commitment to romance and passion. Here are a few of our top heart wedding invitations so you can pick out your favorite:

Top 5 heart wedding invitations

1. Loving Filigree – 3 for 1 Invitation
This simple invitation with bright pink text features a gorgeous filigree design complete with two hearts sitting side by side. It won’t be hard to tell the theme of your nuptials with these fun invitations. Plus, they come with a matching response and reception card for a coordinated look.

2. Hearts Rule – Seal and Send Invitation
If you’re having a modern or contemporary wedding, this card is a top choice to consider. It blends a few different typefaces and features bold clean lines to split up each block of text appropriately. At the top of the invitation, you’ll find a small, bright heart sitting after the word “married.” Your guests can immediately answer with the response card right at the bottom of your invitation.

3. Heart Garland – Gold Shimmer – Pocket Invitation
Strands of garland made up of shimmering gold and pink hearts drape across the top of your invitation to immediately set the tone for love. This style of invitation also presents all of the necessary information in a unique way. Your wording coordinates with the pattern at the top of the stationery. The enclosure cards are neatly tucked into a gold pocket so that they’re easy to locate.

4. In Love – Letterpress Invitation
The star of this invitation is a bright red illustrated heart. Dancing across it is a banner reading “love.” Your wording switches off between two colors so that everything is not only beautiful, it’s easy to read and understand. This invitation is printed on 100 percent cotton paper for a soft and luxurious feel. The text is embossed into the stationery to create an elegant look.

5. Heart and Home – Gold – Foil Invitation
Gold is a popular hue to use in this year’s weddings. It’s so versatile and brings a bit of shine to any nuptials. This invitation features your home state, complete with a cut-out heart. The polka dot background gives the stationery a modern feel without taking away from the important information about your big day.

Which heart-themed invitation would you send out to your guests? Share your thoughts with us!