Newlyweds everywhere, along with all of their guests, are raising a glass to health, love and happiness. But how did the idea of clinking glasses together even begin?

The origin of toasting
There are a few theories behind the start of the toast. It was said that the ancient Greeks would toast as a way of ensuring that the beverage had not been poisoned. Clinking the glasses together would cause the drinks to spill into others. The idea behind it was that if one person’s drink was poisoned, then all the rest of them would be as well. Offering up a toast meant showing your good faith as a host.

Another theory is derived from the Roman practice of dipping burnt bread in bad wine, hence the word “toast.” The bread would help to reduce the acidity of bad vino, making it much more enjoyable to drink. It eventually became a way of celebrating┬ápeople, and the guest of honor would be the one receiving the wine filled with bread.

Toasting flutes for your nuptials
Whatever wedding theme you’ve chosen, we have a toasting flutes to match:

A toasting flute for every wedding

These gorgeous Rhinestone Toasting Flutes are classic, simple and to the point. Their sleek silver stems exude luxury and glamour. The bases are covered in shimmering rhinestones to match the bling on your hand. At the top of the flutes, you’ll find your names and your wedding date flawlessly engraved.

Fairy Tale
You’ll no doubt be able to one-up Cinderella with these amazing Crown Toasting Flutes. The bride’s glass features a princess-like crown adorned in sparkling jewels. The groom’s toasting flute is just as sophisticated, with a gleaming nickel-plated crown fit for a king. For the finishing touch, you can customize the glasses with your names and the date of your nuptials.

Don’t fly off to your tropical destination wedding without these Starfish Toasting Flutes. The glassware features glittering white porcelain stems adorned with starfish for a beachy feel.

These Contemporary Flutes are a perfect touch for your modern nuptials. They’re spherical in shape and display your names in a bold typeface running vertically across the surface of the glass. You’ll love pulling these flutes out in the future to celebrate special milestones, like anniversaries.

It doesn’t get any more rustic than these Drinking Jars – who said you can’t cheers to marital bliss using beautiful glass containers? Personalize the country-style mason jars with your initials for a charming finishing touch.

Which toasting flute best fits your wedding theme? Share your thoughts with us!