You may have a lot of experience choosing a profile picture for your Facebook page, but what about for your wedding invitations? It’s sort of similar to social media – everyone will see it! Therefore, you should probably put a little time into choosing the picture that will be sent out on your photo wedding invitation. This picture should be one that not only coordinates with the style of your invitation, but it should evoke you and your future spouse’s personality. Here are a few tips on how to pick a winner:

Schedule an engagement photo shoot
If you know you don’t have any high-quality photos that are appropriate for your invitations, you may want to schedule a photo shoot with a professional photographer. He or she can produce images where you and your fiance look relaxed, happy and totally in love. Not to mention that you can come to the shoot wearing exactly what you want and have your hair perfectly in place.

Make sure it’s high resolution
Your guests receiving this invitation will appreciate looking at a picture that’s clear. After all, you want to show off your smiling faces! Make sure the photo that you opt for is taken and printed in high resolution.

Tips for choosing a photo for your photo wedding invitationSit down with your fiance
You may be in love with a photo, but you have to make sure your other half likes it as well. Chances are, he or she won’t argue with you about it, but you don’t want to put a picture on display that your significant other isn’t in love with. And if you can’t decide on a picture, narrow it down to two and flip a coin or play rock, paper, scissors for it. Overall, you should choose the one that best tells the story of your relationship.

You might love a picture with a landscape orientation, but will this size fit with the type of invitation that you’ve picked? Make sure the alignment of your photo matches the stationery so that you can still show off your picture and have the wording fit into the mix as well.

Color coordinate
You want your picture and the stationery to coordinate. This could mean matching the invite to the color of the bride-to-be’s shirt or picking a color in the background of the picture, like a tree or a pile of fall leaves, and using that color throughout your invitation. If your hues blend well, you’ll have a well-balanced and beautiful card.

Do you have a strategy for picking the picture for your photo wedding invitation?