When brides aren’t turning the pages of magazines or scrolling through Pinterest for the latest and greatest wedding inspiration, they’re likely attending a bridal show. Bridal expos can be a great opportunity to check out local vendors all in one place, and sometimes they may even offer you discounted packages if you sign up for their services during the show. Bridal expos are also a great place to get inspired – you can see a huge selection of wedding invitations, flowers, color palettes, dresses and more. But if you’ve never attended one of these events before, it could be a bit overwhelming. After attending a show this past weekend, I have some tips to share.

Tips for attending a bridal show

Do research beforehand
Most of the time, the expo will have information on their website about the general schedule of the day, as well as what vendors will be attending. This gives you the opportunity to jot down certain vendors that you want to look into, saving you from searching through every booth at the show.

Bring your entourage
Don’t take on a bridal expo by yourself. You’re going to need someone there to help you with decisions and give you their opinion, should you ask for it. Plus, many booths will have contests and giveaways that you have to sign up for – the more people in your group, the more entries you’ll have! Just limit the amount of people that you bring – you don’t want too many clashing opinions to cloud your decision making.

Have an organization system
When you attend a bridal show, you’re going to be getting a lot of papers, samples, etc. Instead of just shoving them into your purse and having to sort through the mess later, consider bringing along some type of organizational system to help you. It could be a binder or a collapsible file folder where you can easily separate your documents into categories like reception, flowers, dress and cake.

Schedule follow-up appointments
You may have the chance to talk with a vendor during the show, but it’s unlikely that you’ll cover everything that you want to talk about. Therefore, it’s a good idea to schedule a follow-up appointment where you can really sit down face to face and figure out the details. During the show, bring along a notebook where you can jot down any questions that you might want to ask the vendor later.

Dress up with comfort in mind
Most bridal shows have a sophisticated dress code. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to come in a cocktail dress with heels. You can come looking stylish or chic without sacrificing comfort. Opt for flats instead of heels – your feet will thank you later.

Do you have any other tips for attending a bridal expo? Share your thoughts with us!