Camouflage nuptials are quickly gaining traction in the wedding industry. With this wedding theme comes a rustic and natural feel that is perfect for outdoorsy couples. Camouflage means putting an emphasis on the colors of nature, like shades of green and brown. If you and your future spouse think that this is the theme for you, don’t leave out these five essential items:

Top 5 items to have at your camouflage wedding

1. Camouflage wedding invitations
Wedding invitations are crucial for setting the theme of your nuptials. Once your guests open up the envelope and take a look at the stationery, they’ll know what to expect for your big day. This Hunter’s Choice Invitation offers a rustic, outdoorsy feel and features a frame of camouflage. If you want to stray from the traditional camo hues of green, brown and black, you can opt for the same invitation in shades of pink or navy blue. Whichever color you choose, your monogram can be found at the top of the stationery surrounded by a pair of antlers.

2. Moss
Moss is an underrated shrub to use when decorating your ceremony and reception. Not only does it fit in perfectly with a traditional camouflage color scheme, there are so many ways to use it! Place it in a vase and accent it with bright flowers or accent your cake display with touches of moss. You could also use it like the couple in our style board by spelling out a message with the greenery.

3. Deer
Now, I don’t mean having an actual deer at your wedding. That’s just a recipe for disaster. What I do mean, however, is using deer figurines for your cake toppers, or putting a deer head on display for decoration.

4. Can Koozies
You have to have a fun way to keep the beer cold, right? Look no further than these adorable Mr. and Mrs. Camo Can Coolers. The Mrs. koozie is filled with colorful shades of pink, while the Mr. one sticks to greens and oranges.

5. Cowboy/cowgirl boots
Who said you have to walk down the aisle in heels? Stick with the theme of a camouflage wedding and rock your favorite pair of cowgirl boots to the altar. They’ll pop against a white dress and add a bit of rustic country flair. You may even want your bridal party to sport a pair of cowgirl boots as well! Feel free to encourage your guests to do the same.

Would you consider having a camouflage wedding? Share your thoughts with us!