There are certain people you just know will be right by your side on your big day, like your best friend and parents. But do you still have to take the time to send a wedding invitation their way? Well, the short answer is yes. Here are a few reasons why:

They’ll keep them
Even though you know your parents and bridal party are aware of all the details of your big day, it’s still a good idea to send an invite to them. They’ll probably be some of the only guests to keep your wedding invitation as a keepsake. Many parents like to put the invitation in a scrapbook along with all of the other special wedding pictures. They may not need an invite, but sending one out is certainly a nice gesture.

Do you send invitations to obvious attendees?

Serves as a reminder
Your closest friends and parents may already be aware of where you’re getting married and on what day, but if the directions to the reception or the time of the ceremony slips their mind, they’ll have all the information they need in front of them without having to ask you for the details.

If they can’t attend
If a guest that can’t go is someone that’s close to you, you can still send them an invitation attached with a note that explains that you’re sending it purely as a keepsake. On the other hand, if there’s someone who you know can’t attend your big day, you don’t have to send an invitation their way. Receiving an invitation usually comes with the assumption that that particular guest has to get you a gift even though they won’t be present at your nuptials.

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