I’m guessing that you already have an appointment scheduled at the salon on the morning of your wedding to get primped and perfected for your big day. But that’s not the only thing for which you should plan. Jot down these important to-dos on your list as well:

Must-dos on the morning of your wedding

Enjoy a healthy breakfast
As easy as heading to the drive-thru for a breakfast sandwich is, take the time to enjoy a morning meal that will leave you satisfied and energized. You have a few options for a healthy breakfast:

Steel-cut oatmeal: Oatmeal contains fiber and protein to keep your stomach from rumbling. Top it with berries and a pinch of brown sugar for extreme flavor.

Greek yogurt: Not a fan of oatmeal? Stick to Greek yogurt, instead, which you can finish off with honey, granola and fresh fruit.

Egg white omelet: Pair an egg white omelet with foods that prevent gas and bloating, such as asparagus, fennel, lemon and papaya.

Charge your phone
While you certainly won’t be walking down the aisle with your phone in hand, you’ll appreciate a charged device if you’re jet setting to your honeymoon destination right after your nuptials. Plus, you want to be able to use your phone if you need to contact your vendors for any reason. Once it’s charged, hand it over to your maid of honor where she can take care of any incoming calls or make any last minute alterations about wedding decorations while you relax and enjoy your day.

Get pumped with your bridesmaids
Once you and your bridal party are all in one room, take a second to soak in the moment. Turn on some tunes, grab a glass of champagne and toast to one of the most amazing days of your life. Loosening up a bit with your best buds will help you relax before walking down the aisle.

Have a moment with mom and dad
Make sure to find your parents before your ceremony so you all have the chance to enjoy a moment alone. They can relish in how beautiful their little girl looks and you can take a moment to thank them for all that they’ve done in planning for your big day.

Share your feelings with your videographer
You’re always going to remember that feeling you had on your big day, but why not catch it on video to have a special way of looking back. Talk with your videographer for five minutes about how you’re feeling, and have your spouse-to-be do the same by sitting down with the videographer.

Is there anything else that you would add to this list? Share your thoughts with us!