If you’re looking for a wedding invitation that evokes beauty, class, sophistication and intricate detail, you won’t want to miss your chance to check out our laser cut wedding invitations. This collection features beautiful designs, which are produced through laser cutting. The process creates clean lines and detail that gives your invitations a truly unique touch. These invitations are something you need to see in order to believe, so here are a few of my favorites from the collection:

Hot off the press: Laser cut wedding invitations

Beaming Beauty – Gold Shimmer
The first thing your guests will see upon receiving this invitation in the mail is ornate detailing. Two white, shimmering pieces of stationery open up to reveal your wording. Tie it together with a bit of twine, and you have yourself a gorgeous invitation that would be fitting for an outdoor rustic affair.

Art Deco Adoration – Ecru
I would be willing to bet that any character in “The Great Gatsby” would opt for these wedding invitations if given the choice. The bottom half of the invite features a laser-cut architectural design that falls in line with the art deco style of the 1920s. It’s also wrapped in a shimmering gold cord which secures your invitation, offering a remarkable finishing touch.

Transparent Love
This vintage-style invitation is especially unique, because instead of the wording being printed in ink, it’s etched into the stationery using the laser-cut process. The invitation also provides just the right amount of shimmer, and you have your choice of color for the text. The wording features thermography printing, which gives your invitation luxurious raised lettering.

Trees of Gold – Kraft
If you and your future spouse share a love for nature, this is about the closest you’re going to get to sending your guests a piece of the great outdoors. The trees are cut into the stationery without sacrificing any detail instead of simply being printed out on the paper. The forest even sit atop a hilly landscape to make it look like a true work of art. When your guests pull open the trees, your elegant wording will be revealed.

Eyelet Band
This invitation provides an intricate laser-cut pattern across the top of the card, but the ornate detailing isn’t the only star of the stationery. A satin ribbon wraps around your invitation to complete the look. Choose between 16 different shades of ribbon to find the one that best matches your wedding color palette.

Which laser cut invitation would you send out to guests? Share your thoughts with us!