Before you can pick out your table linens, bridesmaid dresses or wedding invitations, you have to decide which color theme to stick to. The shades that you choose should complement the overall style and motif of your big day. This year, brides are embracing combinations of bright hues and muted palettes, all depending on the mood that they wish to set. Here are a few wedding color themes you may want to consider for your 2014 wedding:

Mint and lavender
Mint and lavender complement one another very well. These two pastel colors can be blended together to create an ambiance that is soft, romantic and beautiful. Plus, mint is still a very popular color among brides. Display a tiered ombre wedding cake that starts with a shade of mint and gradually transcends into a lavender hue. Have your bridesmaids choose their own style dresses in a mint color and pair it with a bouquet of lavender wildflowers.

Shades of blush
Blush, which can be described as a pale pink, is big in the wedding industry. In fact, brides are even dropping the white dress tradition to wear a blush-colored gown down the aisle. White will always be beautiful, but I love how well blush complements almost everyone’s skin tone. It’s such a pretty hue and it evokes romance and femininity. For your big day, why not choose various shades of the hue? Opt for pale pink peonies to carry down the aisle and choose a shade for your bridesmaids to rock. At the reception, display a tier of blush-colored macarons or a strawberry-tiered confection topped with flowers and decorated with a ruffled pink buttercream frosting.

Hot 2014 wedding color themes

Aqua and pink
You may not immediately put these two bright shades together, but they create a harmony of luminous color and add lots of fun personality to your nuptials. Incorporate the hues into your bridal ensemble by rocking a pair of aqua pumps under your white dress and carrying a bouquet of dazzling pink roses down the aisle. You can even blend the shades into cocktail hour by serving a fun pink-colored drink in rustic mason jars and pair it with a bright blue-striped straw.

Peach and green
Whether you’re having outdoor rustic nuptials or an indoor formal affair, this is a gorgeous color combination to consider. Mix pale green succulents with peach blooms in your bouquet or reception centerpieces, which can create a beautiful contrast. Incorporate peach into your bridal party by choosing dresses of the same length with varying necklines. You can accessorize their outfits with green jewelry, green shoes or give them arrangements of greenery to carry with them to the altar.

Have you chosen your wedding color palette yet? Share your colors with us!