When you think “wedding cake” the image popping into your head is probably something like a vanilla cake smothered in decadent buttercream frosting and topped with flowers, fruit or other garnishes. While this is still a popular choice among couples, other cakes are making their way into receptions. Here are a few of the top confections in the wedding industry today:

Naked cake
The naked cake is growing in popularity thanks to Bachelor stars Sean Lowe and his new bride Catherine Giudici. The pair chose a sophisticated naked cake, which excluded the the typical frosting covering each tier. Instead, the cake itself was the star. The couple decorated it with fondant-figure versions of themselves and placed fresh blueberries and some blush flowers on each tier for a pop of color. This simple cake puts a big emphasis on natural rustic style, and it is big on flavor.

Would you consider any of these unique cakes for your wedding?

Marble cake
Imagine your cake looking like a slab of marbled granite thanks to marbled frosting. This elegant trend is loved for its aura of sophistication, simplicity and beauty. The abstract design that comes from marble requires very little garnishes and is perfect for modern or contemporary nuptials. And if you can’t decide between chocolate and vanilla cake, opt for a marble filling instead!

Cheese cake
No, I don’t mean cheesecake – I mean a block of cheese in the form of a wedding cake. Couples who simply can’t get enough of this food are decorating cheese wheels with flowers and greenery. Jan Kish, owner of Le Petite Fleur bakery in Ohio has seen an influx in these types of cakes – they’re great for couples who have a gluten allergy or a sugar-free menu. They’re traditionally made up of softer cheeses and can be served with anything from fruit to red pepper jelly.

Place pieces of wax paper near the dairy creation so your guests can wrap up wedges of cheese and take some home with them along with their thank you cards. Then you and your other half won’t be left with a mountain of cheese at the end of your wedding day.

Matching cakes
More and more brides are choosing to have their confection designed with their dress in mind. For example, if a wedding gown has ruffled sleeves, then you can have your baker create ruffles around each tier of your cake. If you have lots of beading and embellishment on your ensemble, bring that bling to your cake as well.

Would you choose any of these wedding cakes for your reception? Share your thoughts with us!