The flower girl lining the aisle with colorful blooms has been a longstanding wedding tradition. But how did this adorable girl come to be a part of your nuptials?

History of the flower girl
The origins of the flower girl can be traced back to ancient Rome when the little one carried herbs and wheat down the aisle. These items symbolized fertility for the happy couple. During the Medieval time period, the flower girl took on a slightly different role. She carried garlic to the altar, helping to ward off any evil spirits. It wasn’t until the Victorian era that these girls began carrying flower petals in a beautiful basket, which represented a gift from nature.

Today, the flower girl can mean something completely different. For example, some brides take advantage of this tradition as a way to include a family member or friend in the big day. But she doesn’t have to carry a basket of blooms. There are plenty more options than sprinkling petals down the aisle. Here are some flower girl basket ideas that are just as beautiful and romantic as flowers:

For a modern wedding
Flowers are great for all types of weddings, but modern affairs may call for something different. Create a bright and beautiful aisle by having your flower girl sprinkle colorful confetti or sequins during the processional. You can ask her to toss confetti that’s in the shade of your wedding color palette to pull all of your decorations together. Balloons are another fitting option for contemporary nuptials, as they still brighten up your aisle in a fun way. Tie a few balloons to the wrist of your flower girl to ensure they won’t be lost during her journey down the aisle.

Alternatives for the flower girl basket

For a destination wedding
While flowers are beautiful, they may not match as well with the theme of your destination wedding. A beach getaway calls for something a little more geo-specific, such as seashells. Fill the flower girl basket with everything from sand dollars to cockle shells.

For an autumn wedding
If you’re getting married in the fall season, what better way to call attention to the beauty of that time of year than with leaves? Fill your flower girl’s basket with plenty of red, gold and orange foliage that will create a vibrant processional and keep the autumn wedding theme going strong. All you have to do is gather some bright leaves from outside, making it a budget-friendly option!

For a spring wedding
Spring nuptials often put a focus on fresh colors, like pale purples and faded pinks. Introduce these hues into your ceremony by giving your flower girl sprigs of lavender. They fill the room with a fresh scent and lavender is said to represent harmony, peace, longevity and happiness. Top off the locks of your flower girl with a crown of lavender flowers.

What will you have your flower girl carry down the aisle? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo credit: EE Photography via Style Me Pretty