Save the dates are an essential part of the wedding process – they help your guests plan for the big day so that they can be there by your side to help you celebrate. But save the dates don’t always have to come in the form of a card. In fact, more modern save the dates are being printed on magnets.

Magnet save the dates can be just as beautiful as traditional stationery and still do the job of getting all of the important information across to your loved ones. These magnets can be designed in a number of shapes and sizes to help emulate your wedding theme to a T. But the best thing about magnets is their convenience. Once your guests receive their save the date in the mail, they can stick it right on their fridge. This ensures that they won’t forget about the date, and that it won’t get lost in a shuffle of papers or a pile of mail on the kitchen counter. It will remind them to make flight and hotel accommodations and any other things they need to take care of before your big day.

Magnet save the dates are also extremely functional, and your future wedding guests can use it to hold up important notes or schedules on their fridge. If you’re considering sending out magnet save the dates, choose from any of these wonderful designs:

Starfish Save the Date Magnet
If you and your future spouse are tying the knot on a beach, it doesn’t get any more perfect than this destination save the date. It features a wave crashing on a serene beach, with two starfish sitting hand-in-hand in the sand.

Bold Save the Date Magnet
For the couple that isn’t quite sure what their wedding theme is, this save the date would do just fine. The design is still beautiful, but it doesn’t give away any specific details of your big day, aside from the date, location and your names, giving you plenty of room to work out the details in the meantime. As long as you get the date out there, you can sort the rest out later.

Carved in Love – Save the Date Magnet
With this magnet, your wedding information will be up on the fridges of all your loved ones. I love this save the date because it’s rustic flair. It’s also modern, simple and to the point.

Will you be sending out magnet save the dates? Share your thoughts with us!