There’s lots of wedding stationery to arrange for your wedding day. You have the engagement announcements, the wedding invitations, the reception and response cards, the wedding program and, of course, the menu. It’s easy to get mixed up about what information goes where. Some couples tend to jumble together save the dates and wedding invitations, but the two are entirely different. If you’re not sure what goes on your save the date, I’m here to help.

The date
Most obviously, don’t forget to include the date of your nuptials. This way, your future guests can mark it down in their calendars and won’t plan anything else for that day. The date is especially important to include for destination and holiday weddings. With a save the date, your loved ones can know when to book their plane tickets and make hotel accommodations. As for the holidays, many people schedule things with family and friends far in advance, so it’s important for them to know that your wedding will be taking place on a holiday.

Your names
Let everyone know who you’re planning to marry by clearly including both of your names on the save the date.

The location
Guests are going to need to know where to book their plane and hotel accommodations, whether that’s Oregon, Fiji or Illinois. Be specific about where the wedding will be held – don’t just include the state; have the city printed on the save the date as well.

There’s more to come
In order to make it clear that this isn’t the wedding invitation, include the words “formal invitation to follow” on your save the date. Then your guests will know that there is more information to come and they won’t be asking you for specific details like where the venue is, whether or not they can bring a date, the exact time of the ceremony and reception, etc.

Return address
Postcard save the dates are popular among engaged couples because they’re super easy to send out – they don’t require envelopes. If you do opt for this route, make sure to include a return address. This way, if you get one sent back to you, you know which of your guests didn’t receive your save the date. You can then get in touch with them about their address and get the save the date to them in a timely manner.

Are you planning on including anything else on your save the dates? Share your thoughts with us!