There was a lot to love about this year’s Golden Globes. I mean, how funny were Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? Aside from the jokes Fey & Poehler were dishing out, there were also A-listers sporting a whole range of fashion styles on the red carpet. If you’re in the midst of planning your big day, why not take a bit of inspiration from this star-studded event? I’ve got the latest trends straight from the 2014 Golden Globes.

Color blocking
Mixing and matching bold shades was big on the red carpet this year. Country singer Taylor Swift rocked a bright red dress with a block of black on the bodice. Sandra Bullock also took advantage of this trend, wearing a dress that combined light blue, pink and black. These numbers certainly made a statement on the red carpet, and they will in your nuptials as well! Look for dresses with dazzling accents of color for your bridesmaids to wear. And if you’re a courageous bride, you could even try out the look with your wedding dress!

Stepping out in bright, shiny attire certainly isn’t new, but it’s still considered a top trend. A very beautiful and very pregnant Olivia Wilde donned sequins on the red carpet, wearing an emerald long sleeve Gucci gown covered in crystals. Also sporting sequins was Camila Alves, who rocked a sleek black number. There are so many ways to incorporate sequins into your wedding day – the options are endless. Send out modern wedding invitations adorned with shimmer, choose sparkling table linens or go with metallic dresses for your bridesmaids to wear.

Wedding inspiration straight from the Golden Globes

Colored tuxedos
Trust me, you can’t go wrong with a black-and-white tuxedo for your other half. But according to the celebs at the Golden Globes, color on your guy or gal works just as well. Matthew McConaughey stepped out in a green velvet jacket by Dolce & Gabbana paired with with a sleek black bow tie. Usher also embraced this color trend by donning a crimson tux by Calvin Klein.

Backless gowns
There were many ladies that showed off their toned back muscles on the red carpet, with one of them being “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson. Amy Adams and Reese Witherspoon also rocked the backless look. This trend is taking off in the wedding industry as well. Backs are dipping low for sultry and glam dresses.

Which trend from the red carpet is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us!