Save the dates let all of your guests know when and where your nuptials are so that they can clear their schedules to help you celebrate. But that doesn’t mean that you have to opt for a traditional save the date if you and your spouse-to-be aren’t a traditional couple. There are save the dates out there with unique wording and design that may just reflect your two personalities perfectly. Take a look at any of these unique save the dates for your big day:

The Perfect Fit – Save the Date Card
You and your other half are much like the two puzzle pieces on this save the date – the perfect fit. This card allows you to share that with your future wedding guests. The puzzle pieces even have adorable faces drawn on them for a unique save the date. It’s also a hand-sketched design for an artsy touch.

Glamorous – Pewter Faux Glitter – Save the Date Card
Wish you were Daisy in “The Great Gatsby?” Well, with this save the date, you can be. If Daisy were to ever pick out a save the date, it would likely be this one. It’s filled with a glamorous, silver sparkle, a structured architectural design and modern typography. The color palette is simple, but comes with just enough drama.

Making Camp – Save the Date Card
Do you and your better half love to explore the outdoors? If so, this unique save the date may be just for you. It features all of the great elements of camping: the tent, the beautiful trees, rustic wood and even camping essentials like a flashlight. Send this save the date out to your guests to set the tone for a rustic wedding.

Dancing Shoes – Mrs. and Mrs. – Save the Date Card
Tell your guests to come prepared to your wedding with their best dancing shoes. The combination of typography creates a bold and modern statement, while the charming shoes add a fun touch to the card. Choose a favorite picture of the two of you to put on the back for your loved ones to admire.

Romantic Equation – Save the Date Magnet
Cards not your style? Send your loved ones a save the date magnet for a unique twist. They can post it up on their fridge so they’re reminded to clear the big day on their schedule. This save the date is perfect for the couple with a knack for math or science. On the front of the invite is a math equation. The answer? Love.

Which of these unique save the dates is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us!