Lace has been and likely always will be a popular material to be worn and used throughout weddings. It looks gorgeous on everything from dresses and headbands to centerpieces and shoes. There’s just something about the material that gives off such a delicate and romantic feel. There’s nothing not to love about any of these lace wedding invitations:

Top 5 lace wedding invitations1. Lace Finish – Ecru – Invitation
The beautiful thing about lace is that you don’t need any color in order to enhance its sophistication and detail. This ecru invitation boasts a neutral palette and features a textured burlap background complete with whimsical lace flowers.

2. Rustic Lace – Invitation
This is one of my favorite vintage wedding invitations. It looks as though it’s printed on a grainy wood background and offers a rich brown color. The white lace design dances across the side of the invitation offering a stark contrast to the background. The intricate detailing of the lace really makes this invitation one-of-a-kind.

3. Lacy Flourishes – All In One Invitation
If you’ve been searching through antique wedding invitations and have yet to find the perfect match, this card may be the one. Elegant lace is draped across the top and bottom of the stationery and creates somewhat of a frame for the initials of you and your future spouse. The lace can be printed in any color of your choice and matches the sophisticated wording in the middle of your invitation.

4. Luminous Lace – Real Glitter Invitation
Lace is certainly the star of this stationery, but it’s not the only shining element. Glitter combines with colorful lace to create a bold and beautiful invitation for your nuptials. The rustic burlap background offers a natural finish that meshes well with the lace.

5. Romantic Finish – Invitation
This has everything a gorgeous invite should have: a textured background, rich color, delicate lace and a picture of you and your future spouse. This rustic invitation symbolizes romance, natural beauty and the start of your new life together.

Which of these lace wedding invitations is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us!