Traditional weddings follow a crisp white color scheme. And just because there are no bright hues involved doesn’t mean that it can’t look beautiful. A white color palette exudes class, elegance and sophistication. White can also be transformed to fit a rustic or vintage affair. To pull off this simple shade on your big day, here are a few tips:

Can the bridesmaids wear white?
Normally, it’s only the bride that’s allowed to wear white because it’s your big day. But if it doesn’t bother you, this is definitely a rule that you can toss out the window. In fact, coordinating various shades of white for your closest friends to wear can look gorgeous up at the altar. Give each girl a different style white dress to wear for a coordinated wedding party. Just provide a shade of white that they have to adhere to, and they can choose an outfit that works best with their style preferences and body type.

Incorporate metallics
To add a subtle accent of color and texture to the sea of white shades at your wedding, incorporate some metallics. Coordinate white bridesmaid dresses with gold necklaces or earrings for a Grecian goddess look, have your baker include stripes of gold or silver on your cake, use metallic vases to hold your blooms or add some shimmer to your wedding invitations. The metallics won’t take away from your crisp color palette – golds and silvers will only enhance it!

Tips for pulling off an all white wedding

Bright lighting
In need of a creative way to light your reception? Hang oversized white paper lanterns above your tables for a modern accent to your big day. This charming brightness gives off just enough light without being too overpowering.

Add texture to your cake
Dress up a simple white tiered confection with a bit of texture. You could have your baker ruffle the frosting, add a grouping of white flowers to your top tier, or choose a white pattern like polka dots, stripes or chevron. A crisp, clean white cake with just a bit of texture looks chic and feminine (not to mention tasty).

Simple flowers
The best part about having a white color palette for your wedding is that you can count on white flowers to be available in any season. Look at the shade of your gown to attempt to coordinate it with your flowers. Your arrangement doesn’t have to perfectly match your gown – you can consider other shades like ivory and cream. Bring a swatch of your wedding dress color to your florist so you both can pick a hue that works best.

Would you choose an all-white color palette for your wedding day? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo credit: Emily Blake via 100 Layer Cake