I was crazy for 2013 weddings. There were so many things to love, one of which was typography. The font that you choose for your wedding stationery has much more of a design impact than you may think. It can help set the tone for your big day, whether your theme is vintage, modern, quirky, formal or beachy.

Think of typography as a type of fashion – there are a variety of styles and designers and there are good fonts and bad fonts. You want to choose the perfect typography for your wedding stationery – one that is both fashionable and easy to read. Never let typeface fall by the wayside when picking out your wedding invitations. Here are a few examples of flawless typography wedding invitations that I love:

The best of 2013: typographyVintage Type – 3 for 1 Invitation
There’s a lot to love about this particular invitation. It’s in black and white, which means the typography is certainly in the spotlight. The stationery uses a variety of typography styles that blend together to create a vintage motif. Selecting two or three fonts that coordinate well together is essential for creating a flawlessly designed invitation. When paired together, they need to be easy to read.

Typography in Camo – Amethyst – Invitation
This invitation combines two very different fonts that seem to work very well together, proving that opposites do indeed attract. It takes a fancy, formal typeface and pairs it with modern, simple text. Surrounding your names are two brackets in bright purple camouflage for a splash of color and texture. The wedding date is uniquely printed with the month, day and year stacked on top of one another.

The Wedding – Real Glitter Invitation
This invite puts together two things that I love: glitter and beautiful typography. Running diagonally across the jet black stationery is the wording “The wedding.” Then below, in a different, more simple, structured text, is all of the wedding information, like your names, the date and the location. The whole invitation is framed in an art deco gold shimmering frame.

Big Celebration – Invitation
Evoking an antique, vintage feel, this invitation also makes use of typography for a well-designed card. The title features two very different typefaces to create a dramatic and unique look that is going to stand out to your wedding guests and give them a sneak peak into the theme of your big day.

Have you thought about how much of a role typography is going to play in your wedding day? Share your thoughts with us!