I love everything about nautical weddings – the color schemes, the patterns, the fashion, the cuisine and, of course, the venue. Many couples are exchanging vows on the deck of a cruise ship. Just picture it: you’re standing there with the love of your life in a beautiful wedding gown surrounded by all of your loved ones along with a sea of sparkling blue water. You can even choose to get married at sunset with a vibrant sky of pinks, purples and oranges behind you. If you need more inspiration for your cruise ship wedding, I’ve got a few ideas:

Wedding invitations
Let your guests know that your nuptials will be taking place on board a cruise ship with this All Aboard – Invitation. The background of the stationery features a compass, a vintage-style map and a picture of a grand cruise ship. On the back of the invite, you’ll find a coordinating map, making your invitation look like an old treasure map. Very cool, if you ask me.

Escort cards
Instead of the typical escort cards, show guests to their reception tables using drift wood and a small triangle of fabric to resemble a tiny sailboat. The one on our style board follows a navy blue and white color scheme with a striped nautical pattern. Attached to the top of the sail is a note with the name of the guest. What a fitting way to guide them to their respective tables!

Style board inspiration: Cruise ship

Boat shoes
Forget about the typical patent leather shoes for your groom and groomsmen. Stick to sailor fashion with boat shoes. Opt for a neutral color like brown or beige, or you could go with multi-colored navy, brown and white shoes like the ones in our style board. These casual shoes are easy to pair with any color suit, whether it’s tan, cream or navy blue.

Table decor
There’s one nautical element that can be used on all of your reception tables: rope. Wrap it around vases of flowers, tie it around napkins, use it to hold up menu cards or tie knots of rope onto the chairs. Its neutral color makes it a versatile decor element that you can use almost anywhere.

Send your guests home with a taste of the sea using brown burlap bags. They can have anything printed on them, such as an anchor, a starfish or a seashell, to reflect your cruise ship theme. Fill the bags with anything you would like – coffee, navy blue and white candies and salt water taffy are great options.

Are you planning on getting married aboard a ship? Tell us all about it!