I seem to be noticing many more pictures of engagement rings and proposal than usual on Facebook and Twitter. I’m also getting more save the dates in the mail. And if you happened to see the same type of pictures on your social media, well, you’re not alone. It turns out there actually is a rise in engagements during the holiday season. From November to December, more and more people are getting down on one knee to pop the question. In fact, about 33 percent of engagements occur during the time period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, according to a report by Wedding Wire.

So what’s with the influx of engagement rings on people’s fingers? Well, there are likely a number of reasons. There is just something magical about the holiday season, giving everyone a warm and fuzzy feeling that only comes around during that time of year. Experts also suspect that from November to December, people are around their family and friends more, giving people that chance to propose and celebrate with all of their loved ones.

After seeing all of these rings dazzling my Facebook home page, it got me thinking about all the different styles of engagement rings that we’ve seen over the years. To wrap up 2013, here are a few of the most popular engagement rings that made an appearance:

French-set halo diamond ring
The halo style ring was hugely popular during 2013. The center stone is surrounded by a circle of tinier diamonds, which makes the ring look even bigger and more sparkly. I’ve definitely seen a lot of brides and non brides pinning this ring onto their wedding boards.

Solitaire diamond ring
This fact that this style is still among the most purchased for engagement rings proves that it’s a timeless ring unlikely to step out of the spotlight. It boasts such a simple silhouette, but exudes beauty, sophistication and elegance.

Emerald cut
This style ring features a rectangular-shaped diamond in the middle, which emulates a vintage design.

Pear cut
Vintage rings really made a statement during 2013, and are continuing to make their way into 2014 thanks to shows like “Downton Abbey” and movies like “The Great Gatsby.” The shape of this rock is feminine and chic.

Colored stones
Thanks to Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, colored stones were a huge hit during this past year. She rocks a sapphire stone on her finger, which other brides have opted for as well. Emerald and yellow colored stones were also popular.

Which engagement ring of 2013 was your favorite? Share your thoughts with us!