Spring is such a lovely time to get married – it’s when beautiful flowers make their appearance out of the ground once again, fresh rain showers clear out all of the remaining winter snow, and we start to see more vibrant colors all around. It’s a time for new beginnings, which makes it the perfect moment to start this journey with your life partner. Check out this trendy spring wedding inspiration for your upcoming nuptials:

Radiant orchid color palette
Incorporate Pantone’s color of the year, radiant orchid, into your big day. It’s a wonderful hue for a spring wedding because of its vibrant qualities. Carry a bouquet of bright purple blooms down the aisle, display the color on your bridesmaid gowns or dress up your reception tables with orchid-toned tablecloths.

Minimalist wedding dress
In the spring of 2014, expect to see more wedding dresses that fit a minimalist style. This means the silhouettes are sleek and modern, and there are very little details or embellishments. Less is more. Satin is a popular material for minimalist gowns because of its glamorous and sophisticated look – it doesn’t need much detailing to appear gorgeous.

A bright bow tie
Let your groom rock a little bit of color in his ensemble through a fun colored or patterned bow tie. For a rustic wedding theme, pair the bow tie with a lighter-colored suit in gray or tan, and for a more formal affair opt for navy blue or black.

Peonies are a popular flower for 2014 and are a perfect fit for a spring wedding with their dainty and feminine qualities. Big, dramatic arrangements are all the rage, so put together plenty of peonies and greenery for a lush, bold bouquet to carry down the aisle. You can also use peonies to top off your cake for just the right amount of color.

Think about hosting your ceremony right in the middle of a beautiful garden filled with hundreds of colorful flowers and greenery. Adorn the grass aisle with plenty of flower petals for a stunning processional. What better way to celebrate spring than to surround yourself with everything nature has to offer? Provide guests with sunglasses or parasols to give them a little shade to hide under during your outdoor ceremony.

Pick out spring’s best fruits to decorate with at your ceremony and reception. Combine flowers and vibrant-colored fruits that ripen during spring, like plump cherries and bright red strawberries.

What are you planning for your spring wedding? Share your thoughts with us!